Healing Journeys

A six-week workshop and support group for Chronic Illness and Pain

november 5 - December 17, 5:30-7:00pm

Located at the Boulder Healing Hub, 1650 38th Street, suite 100e, Boulder

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If you have chronic illness or pain, I warmly invite you to a six-week workshop and support group, "Healing Journeys" that is starting on November 5.

We will explore the connections between physical symptoms and emotions, thoughts, core beliefs, and ancestral patterns. Take time to listen to the wisdom within and create a loving relationship with your body. I will share tools that can help create conditions for health and well-being in your body and mind. Receive the healing benefit of being in a circle of people who share a similar experience.

Here is a guideline of what we will be exploring in this six-week workshop:

November 5: Connecting to the heart and becoming present with the body from the place of compassion. Listening and receiving messages from the body.

November 12: Stress, The Nervous System, and the Pain Cycle. Identifying habitual responses in our nervous system. How thoughts & emotions, the nervous system and immune system are connected. How to encourage the rest & repair nervous system response.

November 19: Emotions and the Body. What is the biological purpose of emotions? How unprocessed emotions can contribute to physical illness and pain. How to allow for emotions to be felt and move through us.

(No class November 26)

December 3: The Power of Healing Imagery to affect your body's healing response. How to harness your imagination to create your own personal healing imagery.

December 10: Healing and Your Energy Body. How to let go of energy that does not benefit us, and how to cleanse and revitalize your energy body.

December 17: Ancestral Healing. What emotional and physical patterns have we inherited from our family lineage? Receive the gifts from our ancestors and let go of what does not serve us.

You may come to any or all of this six-week series.

Attending the full six weeks is preferred to create a container and deepen into the group and your healing process.

Register for Healing Journeys: A Chronic Illness and Pain Support Group

registration and payment

The cost registration for the full six weeks is $150.

If you are not able to attend all six weeks, you may sign up for individual sessions at $30 each.

For inquiries, please fill out this form or contact me at 970-200-2997. Thank you!

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