About Rebecca Arnold, MA, LMT

My introduction to the healing arts was a Reiki class I took when I was 19 years old.  Realizing that the power of healing energy flowed through my hands was like coming home to myself.  During that same time I discovered eastern spirituality; I traveled to India to study Buddhism and yoga, and meditation practice became a foundation to my way of life.  Returning from India, I moved from NY to California, where I finished college at UC Santa Cruz.

After graduating from college, I lived and worked for a couple of years at Land of Medicine Buddha, a Buddhist retreat center in Santa Cruz.  I enrolled in Twin Lakes Massage School, thinking this might open a doorway.  Little did I know, I was discovering one of the loves of my life.

Over the years, I have worked at various spas and healing arts centers, offering massage therapy.  I have studied with many different teachers and schools, but most influential to me was an advanced massage training at Esalen Institute, a breathtaking retreat center at the edge of the sea bluffs of Big Sur, CA. Esalen's style of massage is influenced by the rhythmic and expansive energy of the ocean and characterized by long flowing strokes over the whole body. Massage for me is a sacred dance and a communion with another body and soul, an opportunity to enter the spaciousness of open heart and presence.  

I discovered there was more to massage than just releasing tension in muscle tissue.  Sometimes clients would experience emotional release as well, or they would find that the chronic patterns of tension and pain were correlated to emotional stress.  In 2002, I decided to deepen my studies into the realm of body-mind healing, and enrolled in the Somatic Psychotherapy Master's Program at Naropa University.  Studying at Naropa was a blend of the theoretical and the experiential, with mindfulness and self-inquiry woven throughout.  During my internship, I offered individual counseling and group support to individuals recovering from cancer at a non-profit center called QuaLife Wellness Community.  I discovered in this experience the sacred journey that a chronic illness can be, and the great potential for healing and transformation that exists.  I was amazed to hear clients tell me that cancer was a blessing, choosing to see their healing process as an opportunity to heal old wounds, let go of what did not serve them, and embrace life and love more fully.  My clients found my body-centered mindfulness approach to be helpful in finding inner resources of strength, compassion, and pain relief.  

The year after receiving my Master's degree, I met my husband and became pregnant with our daughter, Auria.  My focus turned to the profound transformation of becoming a mother- offering myself fully in service and love of another being.   Our family moved to the Bay Area, CA, then to Durango, then to Paonia, CO.  I continued offering massage and counseling at spas and in private practice.  In 2013, I completed a two-year training in the Hakomi method of body psychotherapy, a profound practice which has been a great influence on my way of working.  We returned to the Boulder area in the summer of 2016, now finding our home in Lafayette.  

The path of being a body therapist is a constant spiral- it goes deeper and deeper within me, and expands further and further outward in service to others.  I am always learning and growing, and I am tremendously excited by how the field of body-mind healing is taking off and having such an impact on the world.  

Thank you for taking the time to explore my website and learn about my offerings.  I look forward to connecting with you soon!