Welcome.  My name is Rebecca and I offer body psychotherapy as well as massage therapy and energy healing.  If you made it here, you are probably seeking relief from physical pain, emotional suffering, or support on your healing journey. With 18 years of experience as a body-mind therapist, it is my priority to provide a space where you feel safe, nourished, and supported. 

Please begin by signing up to receive a free booklet: 5 Easy Mind-Body Tools for Stress Reduction and Self-Healing.  Then take your time learning about my body therapy offerings.  Please let me know if you have any further questions, or if you are ready to schedule a session or a free 30 minute consultation.

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Body Psychotherapy

Do you struggle with limiting patterns or habits that you cannot "talk yourself out of?"  

Have you have tried therapy before, but haven't had the lasting results you were hoping for? 

Most therapy uses a "top down" approach- if we change our patterns of thinking and believing, our feelings and behavior will follow.  This approach can often feel as if we are trying to convince ourselves to feel or think something different, and the inner struggle continues.  My approach recognizes that real results and change happen from the "bottom up."  Subtle cues held within our body and emotions contain an inner map that guides us to our core beliefs; those ways of feeling and behaving that we learned at a young age. Becoming aware of these core beliefs on an experiential level is the first step to real change. With awareness and compassion comes the ability to change old patterns that are no longer working for you.

My approach to therapy is gentle and compassionate, yet direct and insightful, and each session can bring lasting and powerful insight and results.  I understand how important it is to find a therapist who is a good fit.  If you are curious if my approach to counseling is right for you, contact me today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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    Affordable Counseling Rates

    It is my philosophy that therapy should be affordable.  Although most psychotherapists in the Boulder area are charging over $100 per hour, I have decided to keep my counseling sessions at the low cost of $75 per hour, matching my massage therapy rates, with the intention of making ongoing therapy accessible to more people.

    “I have experienced Rebecca Arnold’s Deep Tissue massage, Core Synchronism, and Hakomi Body Psychotherapy. In all cases, I was moved to tears when I felt both my body and mind let go, releasing tension I had been carrying around for who knows how long. Rebecca is very caring and supportive, and I felt much better right away. I am booking another massage with Rebecca today!” ~ T. D., Paonia

    Massage Therapy

    Receive $20 off your first massage session!

    The stress of everyday life takes a toll on the body.  Self-care can be the last thing on our long list of to-dos. But what is more important than treating our faithful servant, the body to a restorative time out?

    Welcome to my sacred healing space, where what your body needs most is given my full attention.  My massage style integrates long, flowing forearm strokes with more precise deep tissue therapy, passive stretching, and energy healing.  I have worked at various spas and healing arts centers, offering massage therapy.  I have studied with many different teachers and schools, but most influential to me was an advanced massage training at Esalen Institute, a breathtaking retreat center at the edge of the sea bluffs of Big Sur, CA.  Esalen's style of massage is influenced by the rhythmic and expansive energy of the ocean and characterized by long flowing strokes over the whole body. Massage for me is a sacred dance and a communion with another body and soul, an opportunity to enter the spaciousness of open heart and presence. Your body and mind will unwind... and return to life renewed.

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    “Rebecca is a professional therapeutic artist. I consider my time shared with her to be blessed, sacred time. The space that she provides is authentic and gentle, giving inspiration to holistic transformation. Rebecca offers an extensive list of modalities. I recommend that you experience as many of them as you can.” ~ M. L., Paonia

    Please contact me if you have any further questions or if you are ready to book a massage or counseling session:

    (970) 200-2997

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