Can I receive massage and body psychotherapy in the same session?  

Massage therapy and body psychotherapy are two different types of work and most often not combined in the same session.  That said, there are times it may be helpful to begin a massage session with 30 minutes of body psychotherapy, as a way of providing space for something that is asking for immediate attention. Body psychotherapy is interactive, happens from the couch, and does not usually involve touch unless specifically indicated in support of the process.  Massage therapy and the energy modalities of core synchronism and reiki are receptive practices which involve lying on the massage table, facilitating states of relaxation and release.  Massage therapy can bring awareness to emotions or information held in the body. In that case, it may be helpful to schedule a body psychotherapy session as a follow-up.  If you are primarily seeing me for body psychotherapy, I may recommend that we establish a relationship and focus on that work for a while before we schedule a massage session.  Body psychotherapy and the energy modalities may be helpful to experience together in one session, as the energy work allows for the nervous system to release, re-set, and integrate on a deeper level.

How is body psychotherapy different from other types of psychotherapy?

Most types of psychotherapy stay on the level of talking about the past, analyzing thoughts and feelings. This is a "top down" approach, which aims to change one's emotions and behaviors by primarily working with the cognitive process and staying in the thinking mind.  Body psychotherapy is a "bottom up" approach, which understands that being present with what is happening in the present-moment experience of the body allows for a direct access to core material- the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world that shape our emotions, behaviors and thoughts.  Some of the most powerful opportunities for growth and change are when we experience something rather than merely talking about it.  We can allow the body's wisdom and innate intelligence to guide the session, trusting that what is presenting here and now has a perfect reason and knows what it needs to find resolution.  Everything that presents itself is held in a place of gentleness and compassion.  

Is body psychotherapy effective for working with trauma?

If a traumatic incident from the past is reliving itself over and over again in your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, you may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Trauma is a biological process of the nervous system; we cannot just talk ourselves out of experiencing the effects of trauma. Because body psychotherapy works directly with the sensations and nervous system responses, it can be extremely helpful for resolving trauma.  In body psychotherapy sessions, I will help you to go slowly, at a pace that is comfortable and safe for you.  I will help you to learn tools to become more embodied, to find experiences of safety and grounding in your body.  By allowing sensations to be experienced only a little at a time, they will move through the body and integrate.  Over time, you will come to a place of greater stability and ease, physically and emotionally.

Do you work with couples, families or children?

At this time I am only seeing adult individuals for psychotherapy.  I do work with children providing energy work and massage therapy, if they are able to lay still for at least 30 minutes.

Do you do prenatal massage?

Yes, I provide side-lying massage, supported by pillows.  The benefits of receiving massage during pregnancy include easing body aches and tension such as sciatica, encouraging feelings of relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress, and improving sleep.  Receiving massage also releases endorphins, which is healing for mama and baby!

Does your practice welcome diversity?

It is very important to me to create a safe and welcoming environment that is inclusive to all identities including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability and body size.

Is it appropriate to receive massage after there has been a recent injury?

The best thing to do right after an accident or injury is to intermittently ice the area, apply arnica cream and take homeopathic arnica and/ or pain relief medication as needed.  Gentle massage may be helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving areas of tension around the injury. Whether you have a sprained ankle, whiplash, muscle spasms, or broken bones, massage can help improve blood flow, break down adhesions, and increase flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area, all which facilitate quicker healing.

Can I receive a massage before a chiropractic adjustment?

Yes, I am available for 30 minute neck and shoulder sessions (or focus on another area as needed.) Please contact me to schedule this before your chiropractic appointment.