Client Testimonials

"I was very fortunate to experience Rebecca's energy and healing touch. She has an amazingly clear energy field and is a great channel for healing energy and life messages. I highly recommend her."   ~ L.B., Paonia

"Though I've had plenty of body work done before, none of it has compared to that which I received from Rebecca Arnold of Blue Lotus Body Therapy.  Rebecca is a consummate professional with an obvious thorough knowledge of massage therapy. She is very present in the moment and her hands seem guided not only by the training she's received & her experience, but by a higher presence that she seems very connected with.  During my session with her (and well after), I felt muscular tensions melt away but I also felt 'ministered to' at a deep level which brought about emotional releases via her body work. Following the loss of my daughter less than a year ago, I think my body was holding more than a little tension....I feel 'lighter'.....and I feel my body and in my mind and in my spirit.  I certainly give Rebecca the highest of recommendations and I am very grateful for her." ~ L.A., Paonia

"I have been to hundreds of massage therapists in Colorado and my various travels.  I was injured at work and the injury I sustained eventually led to terrible migraines and I quickly learned that stored tension was the major contributor to the episodes of migraines that I experienced since that injury. Of those hundreds of therapists I sought to use in controlling and healing my well-being, I can say that a handful stand above the rest.  Rebecca Arnold is one of those therapists that I can say stand above all others.  Her understanding of her profession was evident the first day I met her, and the benefits to my well-being was evident for the many many return visits I had afterwards." ~ M.B., Durango

"Rebecca is the best massage therapist I've ever had. She has a depth of intuitive abilities that can tap into what and where your body needs attention then she skillfully and deeply massages the muscles so it melts the stress and tension away.  I always leave her table feeling great. I highly recommend her body work. I haven't needed her Hakomi yet but knowing how caring, insightful, intuitive and in touch she is with life, I am sure she is of great help for anyone needing healing and transformation." ~ C.C., Durango

"I have received treatments with Rebecca several times and believe me, once you've experienced those you will come back ever so often as she just has that wonderful "magic" touch!  I have always come away feeling marvelous without having to go through lots of 'yacking' that happens elsewhere -lovely and peaceful, yet effective.  The only thing I regret moving to Scotland is that I haven't found a local Rebecca yet! " ~ C.D., Scotland, UK

"I have experienced Rebecca Arnold’s Deep Tissue massage, Core Synchronism, and Hakomi Body Psychotherapy. In all cases, I was moved to tears when I felt both my body and mind let go, releasing tension I had been carrying around for who knows how long. Rebecca is very caring and supportive, and I felt much better right away. I am booking another massage with Rebecca today!" ~ T. D., Paonia

"Rebecca is a professional therapeutic artist.  I consider my time shared with her to be blessed, sacred time.  The space that she provides is authentic and gentle, giving inspiration to holistic transformation.  Rebecca offers an extensive list of modalities.  I recommend that you experience as many of them as you can."  ~ M. L., Paonia

“Rebecca has magical hands.  Her energy work sends me to a place far away.  Upon my return I feel refreshed and replenished.”  ~ C.B., Durango